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  1. June 12th, 2010 Richmond, VA @ the Bear Cave w/ Our New Nation
  2. July 6th Richmond, VA @ Black Powder House – w/ Final Summation (CA), Forum Walters (AUS), the BookSlave (CT)
  3. July 23rd Richmond, VA @ Exit 76 w/ Nothington, Have Nots, Spanish Gamble 
  4. Aug 10th Richmond, VA @ Exit 76 w/ Captain, We're Sinking, Rain Over Battle, Folk the System
  5. Aug 20th Richmond, VA @ Remain House w/ Remain, Pansori
  6. Sept 3 Harrisonburg, VA @ Bangcock House w/ Rain Over Battle, Hold Tight! 
  7. Sept 4th Richmond, VA @ the Tight House w/Lighten Up, Rain Over Battle, Little Foo 
  8. Sept 22nd Richmond, VA @ the Tight House w/ Rust Belt Lights, Let Me Run 
  9. Sept 30th Richmond, VA @ the Black Powder House w/ the Haverchucks, Dry Feet 
  10. Oct 12th Richmond, VA @ the Tight House w/ Street Pizza, Real Talk, Unholy Thoughts 
  11. Oct 23rd Richmond, VA @ the Camel w/ O’ Pioneers, The Riot Before, Red City Radio 
  12. Nov 17th Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Remain, Family Cat, Hold Tight!, Nightlights 
  13. Nov 18th Philadelphi, PA @ 1420 Dickinson w/ Hold Tight!, Lighten Up, Vboys, Spraynard 
  14. Nov 19th Brookyln, NY @ The Party Zone w/ Hold Tight!, like wolves, timeshares, candy hearts 
  15. Nov 20th Staten Island, NY @ Matt’s House w/ Hold Tight!, Nowhere Fast, Relics, Man The Change 
  16. Nov 21st Newark Delaware @ Mojo Main w/ Hold Tight!, Tit Patrol 
  17. Dec 3rd Harrisonburg, VA @ Bangcock House w/ Hold Tight! Sundials, Elephant Child 
  18. Dec 4th Richmond, VA @ Rock Garden w/ Karoshi, Balacava 
  19. Dec 5th Manasssas, VA @ PWHP Live Radio Show 
  20. Dec 17th Va Beach @ Concrete Grow-Together w/ Rain Over Battle, Littlefoot 
  21. Dec 18th Richmond, VA @ Rock Garden w/Luther, Cold Ones, Hold Tight!, Fake Boys 
  22. Dec 19th RVA @ Strange Strange Matter w/ Beasts of No Nation, Cloak/Dagger, Flechette 
  23. Dec 28th @ Suite 8 in Greenville, SC 
  24. Dec 30th @ House of Hardcore in Columbia, SC w/ Damages 
  25. Dec 31st @ The Junkyard Saloon in Deleon Springs, FL w/ Wound Up Dead, Gnarly Whales 
  26. Jan 1st, 2011 @ Hoops Tavern in Orlando, FL 
  27. Jan 2nd @ Wayward Council in Gainesville, FL 
  28. Jan 3rd @ Navarre Park in Navarre, FL 
  29. Jan 4st @ The Warehouse in Baton Rouge, LA w/ Lemuria 
  30. Jan 7th @ The Parlor in Austin, TX 
  31. Jan 8th @ Court St. Co-Op in Memphis, TN 
  32. Jan 9th @ The Poison Lawn in Knoxville, TN 
  33. Jan 31st @ Rock Garden in Richmond, VA w/ Daytrader, Hold Tight!, Drawn a Blank 
  34. March 9th @ RICHMOND, VA @ ROCK GARDEN w/ Peter the Pianoeater, Little Black Rainclouds, Go Rydell, Pedals on our Pirate Ships 
  35. March 10th @ PHILADELPHIA, PA @ CRACKER FACTORY w/ Go Rydell, Reservoir, OMAR 
  36. March 11th @ STATEN ISLAND, NY @ WARRIOR WAREHOUSE w/ Man the Change, Captain We're Sinking, the Greek Favorite, A Life Worth Living, Curious Volume 
  37. March 12th @ LINDENHURST, NY @ SPORTS PAGE w/ Fellow Project, Censors, The Hideaways 
  38. March 13th @ NANUET, NY @ LE GARAGE w/ Timeshares, Paul Blest, Steve Layman, CAVE 
  39. March 14th @ ROCHESTER, NY @ BOULDER w/ Storms, Stolen Bikes
  40. March 15th @ ALLSTON, MA @ O'BRIEN'S PUB w/ Choke Up, Ghost Thrower, Ridgemont
  41. March 16th @ MILFORD, NH @ 10 MAPLE STREET w/ the Hold-Ups 
  42. March 17th @ NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ @ Jackie One w/ The Front Bottoms, Holy City Zoo, County Drop, They Had Faces Then 
  43. March 18th @ NEW CASTLE, DE @ MAIN MAN'S w/ Tit Patrol, Ba-Durr 
  44. March 19th @ WEST CHESTER, PA @ MY PARENT'S HOUSE w/ Spraynard, Slingshot Dakota, Wrap it Up 
  45. March 20th @ CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA @ MAGNOLIA HOUSE w/ Hooking Up, Chest Piece 
  46. March 21st @ RICHMOND, VA @ ROCK GARDEN w/ Delay, New Creases, Sundials 
  47. April 2nd @ MACROCK (Harrisonburg, VA) @ Downtown 34 w/ the Bouncing Souls, the Menzingers, Hold Tight!, Weak Teeth, Pat Pat, Remain, and Sundials 
  48. April 15th @ STAY SWEET FEST (Richmond, VA) @ the Camel w/ a shit ton of other great bands 
  49. April 25th @ the Rock Garden w/ Protagonist, Go Rydell, and Quiet the Trees 
  50. June 4th @ Jen FEST 2011 (Warrenton VA) w/ Drytown, Kill the Car, Gold Top County Ramblers, Lucky So Far, Brother Bill, Daycare Swindlers 
  51. July 2 - Philadelphia, PA @ the Cracker Factory w/ Caleb Lionheart, HisDayHasCome, and the Great Explainer 
  52. July 3 - York, PA @ Skid Row Garage w/ Hold Tight!, Olde Tigers Hope Unknown 
  53. July 4 - Kent, OH @ Kent Stage Alley w/ Hold Tight!, Douglas Hite 
  54. July 5 - Kalamazoo, MI @ The Fat Guy House w/ Hold Tight!, Natural Disasters, Greek Favourites, Choke Up, Hard Daze 
  55. July 6 - Antioch, IL @ Heather House w/ Hold Tight!, Revision Plan, Pilot, Trevor Olsen and Nick Soria 
  56. July 7 - Milwaukee, WI @ Borg Ward w/ Hold Tight!, ALTA, 10 Paces Fire, Thunderbolts 
  57. July 8 - Minneapolis, MN @ The Hexagon w/ Hold Tight!, Dingus 
  58. July 9 - Lincoln, NE @ Cameron's House w/ Hold Tight!, Thunderbolts, Gutterball 
  59. July 10 - Kansas City, MO @ Club Mustache w/ Hold Tight!, Dead Rabbits 
  60. July 11 - Catawissa, MO @ Dan's House w/ Hold Tight!, Lankford, Stretcher, Shinsplints 
  61. July 12 - Nashville, TN @ Little Hamilton Collective w/ Hold Tight!, Dawn, Adam, Warmachine 
  62. July 14 - New Orleans, LA @ The Saint w/ Hold Tight!, Adults 
  63. July 15 - Tallahassee, FL @ The Shark Tank w/ Hold Tight!, Koo Koo Kangaroo, Hometown Holiday 
  64. July 16 - Gainesville, FL @ the Wayward Council w/ Hold Tight!, Katie's Cousins 
  65. July 17 - Tampa, FL @ The Hold Tight! House w/ Hold Tight!, Criminal Culture, Ink & Sweat, 
  66. July 18 - Orlando, FL @ Will's Pub w/ Hold Tight!, Go Rydell, You Blew It, New Threat 
  67. July 19 - Miami, FL @ Churchill’s Pub w/ Hold Tight!, Clock Wisdom 
  68. July 20 - Ft. Myers, FL @ Cool Hand Luc's w/ Hold Tight!, Let's Go Exploring, 
  69. July 21 - Atlanta, GA @ Wonderroot w/ Hold Tight!, The Wild, Likewise 
  70. July 22 - Clemson, SC @ Bengal Tiger w/ Hold TIght!, Jonathan Minor, Hannah 
  71. July 23 - Charlottesville, VA @ Magnolia House w/ Hold Tight!, Johnny Law 
  72. July 24 -GROG Fest (Farifax, VA) @ Old Firestation #3 w/ Hold Tight!, Key Figures, Blinding Eye Dog, Dynamite Fisherman, L.N.T. 
  73. July 25 - Richmond, VA @ the Hospital w/ Hold Tight!, No Brainer, Dear Marje, Tiger Tail 
  74. Nov 5 - Richmond, VA @ the Catacombz w/ Matt Seymour, Jeff Rowe, and Playoff Beard 
  75. Nov 20 - Richmond, VA @ Empire 
  76. Jan 2, 2012 - Richmond, VA @ Church of Abe w/ Left and Right (c'ville), Slaughtermelon (NoVA), Fuck Detector (ND) 
  77. Jan 5th - Richmond, VA @ the Camel w/ Balance and Composure, Tigers Jaw, Captain We're Sinking, Averman (reunion) and In Courage 
  78. Jan 28th - Richmond, VA @ xHousexAddressx w/ Maker, Light Years, Pentimento, and Turnover 
  79. Feb 17 - New Brunswick, NJ @ the Alamo w/ Sara, Holy City Zoo, and Man on Fire 
  80. Feb 18 - Wilmington, DE @ Main Man's w/ Come On Homewreckers, Holy City Zoo, and the Headies 
  81. Feb 19 - Richmond, VA @ the Church of Abraham w/ Holy City Zoo, Olde Tigers (PA), Invaluable (VaB), and Jake Mayday 
  82. March 2 - Virginia Beach. VA @ Geared Up w/ Invaluable, Idleminds, the Wet Boys
  83. April 3 - Richmond, VA @ House Address w/ Tight Hold, Just Die, and Wake 
  84. April 15 - STAY SWEET FEST part II (Richmond, VA) @ the Camel 
  85. April 19 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Stonewall, Eurotics, Organs, Death Trips
  86. April 20 - Norfolk, VA @ Aletheia w/ Kingshead, Stonewall, Feral King, and Bottomfeeder
  87. April 21 - Richmond, VA @ Kingdom w/ Walk the Plank, 45 A.D., and the Daycare Swindlers
  88. April 22 - Harrisonburg, VA @ the Crayola House w/ Stonewall, and Vicegrip 
  89. May 25 - Brooklyn, NY @ Hi-5 Bar w/ TBA
  90. May 26 - New Brunswick, NJ @ The Chocolate Factory w/ Man on Fire, Holy City Zoo, and Sundials(VA)
  91. May 27 - Philadelphia, PA @ The IHOP Estate w/ Girl Scouts, CityCop(OH), Brightside, +1-2 TBA 
  92. June 22 - Haus Addy (RVA) w/ Ages, Setbacks, Wolfbite, and Furious George
  93. July6th - Haus Addy (RVA) w/ Placeholder (PA/MD), Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe (PA), and All the American Horses
  94. July 13th - the Camel (RVA) w/ A Wilhelm Scream, The Holy Mess, and Family Cat
  95. July 17th - CPAA (VA Beach) w/ Gatherer (NJ), Cloud Gavin (IL), and Latitude
  96. July 18th – Church of Abe w/ Thunderbolts (NE), Places we’ve slept (NE), Gatherer (NJ), and Volunteer
  97. Aug 5th – Church of Abe (RVA) w/ Choke Up, The Greek Favorites, Sea of Storms 
  98. Aug 10th – Alexandria, VA @ The Lab w/ Jake Mayday, Rebecca Vs. Mexico, and Hoodrat
  99. Aug 11th – New Brunswick, NJ @ Paradise Lost w/ France, Vasudeva, The Nico Blues, Pilots in Orbit
  100. Aug12th – Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar w/ Worn in Red, Gunnar Stahl, Mingnone
  101. Aug 13th – Peterborough, NH @ The Waffle w/ The Hold Ups, The Offseason, and Start Here!
  102. Aug 14th – Haverhill, MA @ Anchors Up w/ Marine Electric, Plaque Survivors, Monoliths, Astronomer, and Oathbreaker
  103. Aug 15th – Albany, NY @ Social Justice Center w/ Marine Electric, Grady Stiles
  104. Aug 16th - Long Island, NY @ Broadway Bar w/ Bellwether, Dead North, Parkdale, Makeshift
  105. Aug 17th – Bethlehem, PA @ Secret Art Space w/ Mayla
  106. Aug 18th- Newark, DE @ the Pyledome w/ The Headies, Trapper Keeper
  107. Aug 25th - Baltimore, MD @ the Sidebar / FEED THE SCENE Benefit show w/ the Clamors, Let It Go, Divided Heaven, Carrie & the Dirty Pillows, Old Flings, The Idle Gossip, Tonight We Strike, Dead Ellington, The Deckards, Pharmacists, and Trashkanistan
  108. Sept 7th - Richmond, VA @ Haus Addy w/ Vacation (OH), Dads (NJ), Hold TIght!, Dial Up, Jake Mayday
  109. Oct 24th – the Camel (RVA) w/ Lowtalker (ex Comeback Kid/Misery Signals on No Sleep Records), Arms Aloft (WI Kiss of Death Records), Postcards, Of Want and Misery
  110. Jan 10th, 2013 - Church of Abe (RVA) w/ Cerce (MA), Pray for Teeth (PA), and Swan of Tuenola
  111. Jan 23rd - Philladelphia, PA @ Kung-Fu Necktie w/ Wild.Child, Cool Points, and Throw Bricks
  112. Jan 24rd - Trenton, NJ @ Millhill Basement w/ The Susan Atkins Diet, Alien Father
  113. Jan 25rd - Brooklyn, NY @ Killarney Pub w/ Step Aside, Cousin Sleaze
  114. Jan 26rd - Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space w/ Let It Go and Hearts and Spades
  115. Jan 27th - Virginia Beach, VA @ the Shaq w/ Safeplace, TrustFall
  116. Feb 28th - @ Nile RVA RECORD RELEASE SHOW!!  w/ Sea of Storms, Close Talker, Jake Mayday
  117. March 29th - @ Gallery 5 w/ Loma Prieta, the Goodtime Boys, and Dial-up
  118. April 5th - Baltimore, MD @ the Charm City Art Space w/ Let it G
  119. April 14th - STAY SWEET FEST (RVA)
  120. April 22nd @ Gallery 5 w/ Sea of Storms, the Rivernecks, and Pedals on Our Pirate Ship
  121. May 11th - Death to False Hope Fest (Durham, NC) 
  122. May 15th - Copiague, NY @ the Wood Shop Music Venue w/ No Good News, Parkdale, and Legend of You 
  123. May16th - Milford, NH @ TBA w/ the Hold Ups 
  124. May 17th - Pouzza FEST (Montreal, QC) 
  125. May 27th - Church of Abraham (RVA) w/ Direct Effect, Ex-Breathers, and Centuries
  126. June 28th - Kingdom (RVA) w/ The Life Review, Naveah, and Versus Angels
  127. July 2nd - Church of Abe w/ the Hold-Ups
  128. Aug 10th - Copiaque, NY @ the WoodShop w/ Firestarter, When It Counts
  129. Aug 10th - Shirley, NY @ This Is (NOT) Hardcore Fest - Candy's Pub w/ After the Fall
  130. Aug 11th -Milford, New Hampshire @ COREY'S w/ After The Fall
  131. Aug 12th - Scotia, NY @ J. Watts Coffee Bar w/ Firestarter, When it Counts
  132. Aug 13th - Burlington, VT @ 242 Main w/ After the Fall
  133. Aug 14th - Boston, MA @ O'Brians w/ After the Fall, Great Lakes
  134. Aug 15th Philadelphia, PA @ CREEP RECORDS w/ After the Fall, Secret Plot..., Ratkicker
  135. Aug 16th - Richmond, VA @ Church of Abe w/ After the Fall, Walk the Plank, 45 AD, Protagonist, Teen Agers,
  136. Aug 17th - Washington, DC @ Casa Fiesta w/ After the Fall, Walk the Plank, Protagonist, Divided Heaven, Teen Agers
  137. Aug 18th - Virginia Beach, VA The Shaq w/ Stonewall
  138. Sept 29th - RVA @ Gallery5 w/Sea of Storms, Volunteer
  139. Nov 19th - RVA @ the Camel w/ A Wilhelm Scream, Single Mothers, and Springtime
  140. Jan 31st 2014 - RVA @ Gallery5 w/ prisoner, black mask, city limits
  141. March 1st - RVA @ Church of Abe w/ the weaks, holy death, patrick genova, harris mendell
  142. March 11th - DC @ DC9 w/ walk the plank, demands, mobius strip
  143. March 12th - RVA @ Smatter w/ walk the plank, 45 AD, paper dolls
  144. Nov 22nd - RVA @ the Broadberry (2729 West Broad St.RVA) - Say-10 records Anniversary Party
  145. THE END?