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Press, Reviews, and such...

...on the evidence here This Is Your Life have done quite a good job at representing themselves. With the twin guitars working well in tandem, this is the main focus alongside the vocals whilst the rhythm section provides the furious structure for the songs to come together in an effective way."                (02/14/2012)

"Blending old school hardcore with a modern take on melody and guitar work, This Is Your Life are inches away from breaking out..."                                                                              Under the Gun Review (10/06/2010)


"This is Your Life plays passionate hardcore with plenty of melodies and gang vocals, kind of reminding me of a mix between A Wilhelm Scream and Comeback Kid.  ...I was completely blown away by their aggressive, high energy set."                                                                                                                            Battle of the Midwestern Housewives (12/16/2010)


Also featured on "The Unsigned Find" and "Music Approved by a Banana" music blogs as well as the compilation Punk Rock Potluck vol. 5 put out by  Read an INTERVIEW with Derek HERE featured on the Open Your Arms and Welcome webzine.


Fall 2010 we were on People Who Hate People Radio.  Here is a link to just our live set;  For the whole interview find us in their streaming player!   Check out a video of "Persevere" from that performance! 


Posted on March 6th, 2011