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News and stuff

Summer was great, but unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our bassist Kenny.  Tour was the most fun ever and our bud James from Hold Tight! was nice enough to fill in on bass for us.  Check out our tour updates over at our TUMBLR page.  We did a small run of screen printed t-shirts for tour and those that are left over have been added to the merch section of our store. "Check them out!!"

We would also like to welcome Chris Pierce to the band as our new bassist.  The dude rips so be sure to check out an upcoming show and say hi to him!  Schenning moved from FL to RVA after tour which means there will be a lot more TIYL going on in the upcoming near future.  We are currently in the process of writing for our upcoming full length, we hope to record it early next year.  More shows will be added soon, so keep checking back.  

Posted on November 11th, 2011